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I Love it !

I love it! I can't think of anything better. The resilience, the brilliance, the confidence, the drive, they have a sheer will on the inside, that says, I WILL NOT BE DENIED!

It's the innate ability to overcome obstacles with grace and dignity. To love without fear, judgment, or regret. Their presence is infectious, it smears itself on those they encounter. I love it! When life gives them sour lemons, they have the fortitude to make sweet, sweet lemonade! Oh, how I love it! It’s that fortitude that keeps them moving forward when they want to quit. It's the will on the inside that says, I won’t quit, I will overcome, and I will succeed! When they're dealt a bad blow, rape, molestation, divorce, sickness, miscarriages, or any other misfortunate, it doesn't define them, it fuels them! They don't pull the covers over their heads and feel sorry for themselves. NO! The Spirit on the inside says, you didn’t come this far, to only come this far! It doesn’t matter what walk of life they come from, their age, color, or demographic background, they all have one thing in common, PERSERVERENCE! Yes, I love it! I love being a part of this dynamic tribe. Yes, Yes, I love it... Being a woman! There is nothing like it! I wake up every day knowing that God Himself made me in His image! He says, …"[that I am fearfully and wonderfully made]!" Psalm I39:13-16. I have the honor and privilege of being a woman. Yes, it’s an honor and indeed a privilege. I dare not belittle it or begrudge it. We are important, we are needed, and yes, we’re are necessary! I believe James Brown, sang it best, "It's a Man's world, but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing, without a woman or a girl"


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