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I Can Only Be Me!

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

I once heard a pastor say, "never try to work with another man's working papers." What did she mean by this? In a nutshell function or stay in your own lane. The moment you try and function or "work with another man's working papers" you do yourself and others a disservice. Why? Did you know that someone, somewhere needs to see you be your authentic self?! The world doesn't need a bunch of replicas everyone sounding, looking, and behaving the same! The world needs those who are willing to embrace who they are and own it! It's waiting for you to step into your identity, to show others that it’s okay to be YOU! I believe when you accept yourself it will help those around you, who may be struggling with their own identity begin to accept who they are as well. There is pressure today to conform to the status quo, or to be just like everyone else. The truth is, there is very little originality present today. It is evident that many don't want to be themselves. But here is the truth of the matter, as much as you try to hide or conceal your identity the real you will emerge! One of my favorite Marvel characters is Mystique from X-Men. Mystique, has the unique ability to transform from this blue bodied, yellow eyed mutant, and impersonate anyone! Yes, she can literally transform into another person! And of course, she uses this gift or talent to her advantage! Many MARVEL fanatics believe this is Mystique’s greatest power, but I disagree! Although she can transform from being this blue mythic creature into another person entirely, she uses her gift of transformation simply to further her fight for her fellow Mutant rights. The gifts and talents that Mutants like Mystique have seemed strange or unorthodox to others! So of course, there is the pressure for the Mutants to be just like everyone else. Isn't that society's way? Magazines, television shows, radio that's the constant theme be like this person or that person dress like this, talk like this, wear your hair like this it's easy to get sucked in! But you my dear sister are beautiful just the way you are! Your quirkiness, the way you laugh, the way you speak, walk, dress, etc. it’s you its authentically, you embrace it! Why work with another man's working papers when you've been assigned your own!

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