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A Woman, a Well, and a King

“I must tell everyone about the man that told me all about my life”! This is what the woman in the book of John chapter 4: 1-30 NKJV exclaimed after her encounter with Jesus. Just like this woman in the story, I have been compelled to tell everyone about the man that turned my life upside down so that it could land right side up! The story of a Woman, a Well, and a King is a story of deliverance, humility, love and acceptance. I believe that Jesus went to the city of Samaria strictly for this woman. I also believe that it was her appointed time with the Master for deliverance! The bible says, "He departed from Judea on his way to Galilee, but He needed to pass through Samaria"... I believe she was on the mind and heart of God and He wanted her to experience the love of a savior, a father, and a redeemer, because Jesus became all those things to her in one brief encounter. The story reveals in verses 16-18 a woman who had been looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong men, met a king who didn't want anything from her. Instead, he wanted to show her the true meaning of love and acceptance. She went through 5 different husbands. The one she was with upon her encounter with Jesus was not her husband. When Jesus exposed the truth about where she was in her life, He did it with such love and care that she perceived that He was different! The moment Jesus engaged in conversation with her was a set up for her deliverance as Jews didn't associate with Samaritans in Jesus’ time. This story demonstrated the power and love of God, which transcends culture, race, and social status. I love this story so much because it shows that it doesn't matter who you are, where you've been, or what you've done. Once you have an encounter with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords- Jesus; your entire life is transformed for the better! I invite you to read the story of the woman, the well, and Jesus it will give you hope that God loves you despite your unflattering condition.

By: Sherjuana Carr

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