• Sherjuanadenise


Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Majestic, Sacred, Glorious, and Powerful! Your body are all of these things and more, sometimes we forget how much of a commodity it truly is... weather you consider it lean and slender, full and voluptuous, or thin and frail your body is to be loved and adore by you, because it truly is your temple!

As a woman I value my body and I really thank God that I am a WOMAN! I would not trade it for anything, the strength, tenacity, fortitude, and m drive that lives in us is unlike anything else! Women even in our rarest and most vulnerable moments are the most unique creatures God ever created! I want us to value ourselves and honor the bodies we have been blessed with! No matter the shape, size, or skin color its wrapped in! We only get one so let us embrace it, care for it, and honor it because our BODIES are worth it!

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